Haunted Detroit Tours


Haunted Detroit Tours will take you on a journey to haunted places in Metro-Detroit providing charter transportation, history of the sites, and tour guides equiped with ghost hunting tools such as digital cameras, infra-red thermometers, and EMF detectors to help identify potential ghost/paranormal activity.

Haunted Detroit Tours

Highest Review

First, during a “tour”, the tour guide usually speaks even on the bus, giving historic, ghostly stories. Nothing. The tour guide only gave very brief, vague information at each stop. He wasn’t even very clear on what took place at each location to cause a haunting. Basically, DON’T TAKE THIS TOUR!!!! Rip off!!!! I never write reviews, but absolutely felt I needed to for this tour. Save your souls! Just say no.

Lowest Review

Literally just got back from our tour. I read the previous reviews and thought “there’s only two so I’m sure if it was that bad there would be more”. I could not of been anymore wrong! 35 bucks for the wife and I to be completely let down. Almost the exact same areas from previous reviewer minus the Cemetery. No areas are “normally” off access. Everything was public and it was never dark enough to need a flash light. I did see a response from obviously one of the guys running it trying to cover his butt. My expectations were exactly what was described based off web site and facts. DO NOT WASTE MONEY UNLESS YOU WANT A BUS RIDE. To the operators…. You honestly should be ashamed.

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