Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

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I have been wanting to go on this haunted hayride for years. I finally got it together and went. This review is not going to be as long as my other reviews normally are. I’m going to keep it very short simple and sweet. I had VIP tickets from 6 PM to 11 PM.

I was there at 6 o’clock and there was very limited parking. I created a parking space. Meaning I parked in a place that was not really for a parking. It wasn’t outlined for parking. I was scared that I was gonna get towed…but, I had no choice. There was nowhere else to park so that’s my biggest thing is parking was a nightmare!

My suggestion is, if you are coming with children or people that are younger, go early. With VIP tickets you can get on everything almost twice by the time it’s 9 o’clock and then you can get out of there! Because it really starts to fill up around 8…

There was a bunch of vendors for drinks and food. I didn’t wait too long for any of the Porta potty bathrooms but if you’re not VIP you’re gonna wait forever and you’re not gonna get on all the rides…

Lowest Review

Check my history- I generally don’t do one star reviews.

What an awful experience.

It could be our fault for choosing a super busy night to go but my god I’ve had more fun getting stuck in traffic.

Maybe it’s my fault because I had always heard hype that HH was awesome and super fun and I had that expectation going in. But it shouldn’t have been this terrible. I’d rather watch YouTube videos of other people going through haunted houses than do this again.

For what we could have spent we could have bought VR gear and done haunted houses on there. But the expense isn’t my only gripe. I almost paid more to get out of this sooner via rideshare.

The whole experience was miserable.

You show up to the LA zoo and wait for an hour and ten minutes to get in line to get on a bus with 50 strangers and go to the HH site.

Then you wait in a line for about another 20 minutes to go through some sort of security screening theater where the metal detectors weren’t even on.

God help if you need to go to the bathroom because that line was another 20 minutes. And the bathrooms were about 3 days into a music festival disgusting. I feel bad for anyone who needs to sit or squat. Not even anywhere operational to sanitize hands.

So then for me after taking a wiz we got yelled at by a security guard back at the entrance for not actively entering or exiting while we waited for tickets for a friend that the other security guard wouldn’t let in without a ticket.

So finally time for some fuuuuuu… Just kidding it was more standing in line to go on the HH.

We had the VIP tickets along with I guess everyone else. After about a half an hour of waiting it was finally time to hop on the hay ride. And you literally sit on hay. Okay that one is totally my bad. I should have figured that one out myself.

So the HH starts off with so much potential! I’m thinking “Oh this is gonna be awesome” but just a few moments into the ride I realize we’ve already gone through most of the best parts and it just gets worse and worse and sad and predictable and boring.

Again okay. But also it’s laughably short. Like the ride was over faster than someone could have gone to their bathroom.

So then we decided to do the slaughter house or whatever. And that was basically just standing in a line inside of a haunted house.

So we gave in and packed it in which required again standing in line for a bus for like half and hour.

Overall too much time in line to entertainment value.

The performers did fine. The designs and production value was pretty decent. Just completely underwhelming when it came to how much waiting there is.

Oh and then to add insult to injury- our clothes were completely covered in dirt and dust that kicked up into the air from all the foot traffic.

I had to laugh when I realized not only was this a miserable experience but my shoes were also completely ruined.

Good times (Not Really!)

Please do better next year HH!

If you like standing in lines for hours for about 15 minutes of entertainment this might be the place for you.

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