Morrison Ghost Walk Tours


One of the oldest hotels in the state, the 1890s St. Cloud Hotel in Cañon City was recently threatened with demolition before The Future of Yesterday Foundation formed after public outcry halted the razing. As part of the Cañon City Downtown Historic District, the gorgeous Second Empire building is characterized by its mansard roof with dormer windows, segmental arched windows, and rough cut stones that mark the building’s edges. With a grant from the History Colorado State Historical Fund, The Future of Yesterday Foundation will rehabilitate the roof of the deteriorated but revered building that was once a home-away-from-home for the rich movie-making industry of Cañon City’s history.

Highest Review

I took my boyfriend here at the end of the summer back in 2014 because I got a Groupon for it, and I figured it would just be a weird, cool thing to do. The tour guide met us outside of an older, kind of run-down building and then brought the whole group up to a room that resembled a tiny classroom to go over the instruments we would be using and what to expect before we actually went down into the basement to explore everything. He explained what dowsing rods were and how to use them, and then when he asked for a volunteer my hand flew up before I even realized I had volunteered myself. If you don’t believe in this sort of stuff that’s fine, but after that experience with the dowsing rods I’m convinced there’s some kind of energy that flows through them to make them move. The tour guide had me hold the dowsing rods as he talked to any “spirit” that may be in the room and wanted to communicate. Long story short, what started out as what I thought was going to be a random old spirit turned out to be my cousin who passed away several years ago. We had grown up together and were very close up until the day she died, so it wasn’t surprising that she would come through, but I definitely wasn’t expecting it! While that was definitely a personal high point for me during the tour, the rest of it was cool too. We got to break off into small groups to explore different areas of the basement for activity. We all had some cool stories to tell when it was over. I highly recommend this tour for anyone with an open mind, or just anyone looking for a funky, unusual experience.

Lowest Review

We booked a 7 person ghost tour for Al Capone’s Warehouse (located at 500 W. Cermak Rd., Chicago) last August. However, we were greeted by the tour guide in front of the advertised building….then were asked to follow him to a building across the street!!!!???? Apparently, the company UHAUL bought the whole building and converted it to a storage facility. No ghost tours were allowed anymore to the Al Capone warehouse for 5 to 6 months now. So now the tour is located in a building occupied by businesses and private parties. Needless to say, the facility we hunted in was well lit….and in one of the rooms in the basement, there was a painting party…complete with balloons and booze. The CGI owner was a fast talker….like a car salesman….he somehow wormed his way out of our complaints. Beware…’ve been warned!!!!

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