Sinister Pointe Haunted Attraction


Sinister Pointe Productions is a full service production studio with over 22 years of experience creating special FX, set design & custom props for music videos, amusement parks and digital media outlets as well as specializing in live shows, special events and of course, Haunted Attractions. New for 2019 Sinister Pointe Presents MIST. A unique terrifying free roaming haunted experience. Located at 510 Westminster Mall, Westminster 92683


Established in 2007

Sinister Pointe Productions has been serving up terrifying haunted attractions since 2007. We are responsible for the Official “SAW” haunted attraction and “Silent Hill” Mazes.

Highest Review

Great fun and interesting ideas from Sinister Pointe! I loved and enjoyed The Mist! This is very important and I cannot stress enough! ITS NOT A MAZE! If you are wanting/expecting a maze then go somewhere else because you won’t find that here! The Mist is very different from other haunts this year. The Mist is a very fun and immersive scavenger hunt. Scattered around the second floor of their building are 13 artifacts you must find while and they are not simple finds. My team found 10 (would have been 11 but we found it right as time ran out). The talent scattered throughout were definitely on their A game and knocked it out of the park! I’m generally not that easy of a scare and several of them got me really good, one almost to the floor! Kudos to them! My only complaint really about the event is that because of how much fog is used for the event the floor a get pretty slippery from the residue of their fog but that is why they really stress that you shouldn’t run while you are scavenging when they are going over the rules.

Overall Sinister brought a really fun and different to the Halloween season this year and I cannot wait time return!

Lowest Review

Horrible, Horrible, Horrible. Not worth the 95$ for VIP let alone $20 dollars. The event was held in an abandoned Macy’s which is fine whatever. But I most certainly did NOT get my money’s worth.

It’s only three mazes, tons of empty space in the store, outside bathrooms, not enough actors and most certainly not enough mazes/attractions. The wait for their “Boogeyman” ride or whatever it’s called was bad. The wait time alone is ridiculous for such a small event. I’ve attended other Sinister Pointe events and I hadn’t been so disappointed with them. The other two mazes are just propped up mazes with very little decorations, not enough scare actors, and they keep them very dark I am assuming to avoid putting up more stuff in the “haunted” maze. No longer going to a Sinister Pointe event even if it cost $10.00.

A very bad experience, extremely disappointing, bland, and super long wait times for only THREE mazes and extremely disappointing “food” trucks, rented porta potties (instead of using the bathrooms in the store which work perfectly), and I couldn’t even go out grab some food and a few drinks and come back to at least make the most of my $95


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