Halloween Horror Nights

Highest Review

My husband and I go yearly and this year we did the RIP tour and I highly recommend it. David was our guide and he was great at informing us on everything going on in the park and what we would be doing for the tour. We enjoyed the food everything was delicious. The haunted houses were amazing and with the RIP tour you literally have no wait time at all which is amazing! We also got complimentary valet parking included with our ticket. Highly recommend you do the RIP tour for a great experience, no wait times, food included, valet parking included, I personally could not see myself going to horror nights from now on without doing RIP tour and we will be calling to book our tour with David! Thanks universal we had a great experience with RIP tour and David, worth the money!

Lowest Review

What a disappointment! I expected more as it is “Universal Studios”! Instead it was the same thing in every house but with different rubber masks. No effort for cool makeup and out of the ordinary props and effects..Had to buy an after 2pm park pass as general admission was sold out. Plus $30 to park. Got a couple of things in by 530p and started to try to find the haunted houses on the upper level. Signage was poor and didn’t help much. When we asked staff, no one was able to direct us. Poor staff was uninformed and untrained. Went to get into a line and the staff there told us that it didn’t open until 7p but that the lower houses opened at 6p. So we trudged down five escalators and a long walk, and arrived prior to 6. Staff at that entrance directed us to the line. We waited until about 6:30p when someone asked when it was going to open. Staff advised that there were technical difficulties and were not sure when it would open. The line was long and instead of making an announcement, the staff just kept everyone in line waiting. We finally left after about an hour in line. The next house on the lower level had a 90 minute wait by then so we trudged back to the upper level. Only made it to 5 of the 8 houses.

Rules were not enforced. Was told online that only small fanny type packs were allowed and only snacks. We followed the rules but once inside found many people carrying full on backpacking packs with tons of food. People were cutting in line and staff did nothing. I saw one very drunk male basically cried into the Scarecrow House by friends without a single staff member doing anything. People were stopping inside the houses bottling up the flow and staff did nothing………until it was almost closing time when they herded us through like cattle with their flashlights.

Scarezone characters shoulder checked us a couple times and could care less. Some of the stuff like the characters on stilts were pretty cool but overall not impressed. Not worth the money in my opinion. Long lines, redundant themes, and just very disappointing. I will not return and do not recommend it. Stick to local hauntings for a better experience. Big bummer!!!

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