SF Chinatown Ghost Tours


Chinatown Ghost Tours like to share history and culture in an informative and entertaining way. Locals and visitors to the neighborhood find the alleyways intriguing . Movie buff of locations filmed in Chinatown? You’ve come to the right place. Knowledgeable guide has been a translator on the sets for more than 15 years.


Established in 1994.

Business began when a bus tour company wanted an insider’s knowledge of Chinatown. After 10 yrs. of bringing tourist to local spots, It was decided it was time to have the first Chinatown Ghost Tour in San Francisco where locals and visitors would be able to enjoy the history and folklore of this infamous community.

Highest Review

Due to covid-19, I had to cancel all my travel plans. So I decided it was time to explore the rich history and get to know this city that I love at a deeper level. I mean… what else was I going to do? Sit on my ass and eat chips at home? No… Bruce Lee would not have been proud.

I attended the “Fighting History of SF Chinatown” tour led by the amazing Marc Pomerleau (he also does the Ghost Tours). Chinatown to me has a very special place in my heart. I walk past Chinatown and hang out there at least once a week. But I never really dug deep into its rich history. As a young Asian American, this tour was eye-opening on many levels. It speaks stories of adaptiveness and resilience.

Marc literally walks you from how Chinatown first started and its entire history. I will never look at Chinatown the same again. He explains the history behind the mysterious alleyways and interesting buildings as well as the history of the architecture. He paints a vivid image along with a treasure trove of timeless photos of all the different eras and events. He took us to see where Bruce Lee was born and also where he first stayed at when he came back to America as a young adult.

If you live here in SF, or are planning on living here, I HIGHLY recommend spending a nice day out walking and learning about its amazing history.

Lowest Review

The Chinatown Ghost Tour in San Francisco was a HUGE disappointment and waste of money. Ruby’s stories were boring, she didn’t show my Daughter & I “haunted” places, where there is a lot of activity and within less than 30 minutes, we left the group (of 4). The couple from Ohio was bored also. If I could select a “0” rating or F, I would have. A FULL REFUND would be appreciated! We thought this was a scam and recommend avoiding this so called Ghost Tour. Lisa B.

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