Top 10 SCARY Ghost Videos To Make you CLOSE THE APP

So WHAT will you see in this video? A poltergeist goes HAM in a guy’s haunted house with some creepy EVPs. A strange creature runs across an iphone photo / video . A shadow figure ghost haunts a family and lifts a teddy bear into the air. Also, the shadow creature is caught on camera. A guy plays the Silent Hill theme and sees a shadow ghost. A Japanese ghost scares some urban explorers. A jump scare from a haunting in Norway.A creepy ghost lady on the road in Indonesia. A terrifying child ghost out in the cold scay wood of Colorado, caught by Mindseed TV. And then a poltergeist and some paranormal activity a LIVE cooking show, and another on a LIVE ring cam.

SOURCE: Nuke’s Top 5 (YOUTUBE)

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