The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor


Current exhibit is 90s Slashers Immersive Experience. Tickets are $16 and you purchase in store day of visit. Exhibit is on display until approximately until the end of the year. Museum and shop of occult, horror and more! Gothic home decor, apparel , books, tarot decks etc plus Photo op and art gallery . Located next door to our sister store Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities which in which you can find antiques of funerary , medical, plus taxidermy, skulls and bones, insect specimens , vintage halloween, vintage horror posters comics original art and more! Follow us on Instagram for updates @themysticmuseum @beardedladyvintage


Established in 2016

Owners of Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities have expanded to open The Mystic Museum.

  • Website:
  • Phone: (877) 600-4313
  • Address: 1126 Queens Hwy The Queen Mary Long Beach, CA 90802

Highest Review

Visited Dark Harbor in 2018 with my daughter… it was a pretty fun place. We went on a Thursday to avoid long lines which really helped and we got to do all 6 mazes. We pre paid for parking so they helped us as well. We arrived at 8 PM an hour after opening. We decided to go straight to the back to do the mazes in the ship first. We did Feast first, this one was SCARY. We were the only ones in the maze when we walked through and it was just us 2 and we even had to crawl at one point it was terrifying. The actors did have to redirect us at times cause it got confused but other than that it was pretty good. The 2nd maze we visited was Circus, this one was VERY cool, we did find the secret bar but my daughter was only 19 at the time so she couldn’t get a drink but she did enjoy the bar. This one wasn’t the scariest but it did make us scream many times. The 3rd maze we visited was B340, This was by far the scariest for me. It had a ton of long dark hallways and you couldn’t tell where something would pop out. The scariest part is when we had to walk down a pitch black hallway and at the end of it a tall figure was standing on the rails and looking down on us while wailing! It was terrifying! The 4th maze we visited was Lullaby, this one was pretty scary! It had a bar in the middle of the maze out of nowhere and it also had the creepiest atmosphere out of all of them for me, it had creepy crawling little girls, and convincing scare actors. We definitely came out shaken up by that one. The 5th maze we visited was Deadrise, this one had like a steampunk, apocalyptic vibe to it…? It wasn’t that scary. It did make us scream a couple times but by far the scariest part was the ending with all the fog that was really suspenseful. They tried to trick us a lot in this maze but were very smart so they failed lol! 6th maze we checked out was Intrepid. Pretty creepy maze, it’s creepiness mainly comes from the silent ness of it, most note-able part was the swamp room the actors in there got us real good. After we finished all the mazes we did check out the 4D theater and it was awesome. The fire show was amazing, and the Micheal Jackson themed swing ride was SO MUCH FUN!!! We took a few pictures with the ghouls that roam outside. And not to mention, the food there was great! I hope to return in 2021 we had a blast. I overall rate it a 10/10.

Lowest Review

The worst Halloween event I’ve ever been to in my life. I purchased the freight fest pass through Costco which was a really good deal 2 admissions with freight fest Express for like 90$ including tax. So I bought 4 passes. We( my husband, my sister, brother in law and myself) get there 745ish on the 19th and there was a wait to get through security About 15 mins, then once we were in the vibe was cool. Grabbed a drink at the bar. Then we headed over to a maze and the wait was about 45 50 mins with ther freight fest Express mind u, there are 3 different lines. You got general, freight fest Express, and evil Express. And two of which u have to pay extra for because you are wanting to get in n faster. So we get in the line we wait, and all of a sudden before entering the maze I noticed a chick that went thru general line about to head into the maze at the same time. So that told me that the wait was the same. ( we paid extra to not wait as long as general). So then once we finished that maze, which sucked btw, we wanted to grab another drink and go into another maze. We walk out the first maze and notice that it is really packed like triple the amount of ppl. So we wait in line for a drink which took about 30 mins but we try to go into another maze and the wait for general, freight Express, and evil Express were all 120 mins. WTF!!!!! HOW IS THAT FAIR WHEN WE PAID TO BE IN FRONT OF THE LINE. And you had ppl everywhere walking like squished sardines. People waiting line for food and waiting in line for mazes. No signage, so the person in front of you whom you thought was waiting to get into a maze turns it to be waiting for food. Went to guest services, lady couldn’t do anything and told me that there was too many ppl that night and gave me her deepest apology. Bi**h I don’t wanna an apology. I want a refund. Then she said I could try to write to queen Mary for a refund but most likely I wouldn’t get one because I bought my tickets thru Costco. Another Wtf… so what were our choices then, leave or waste the one night every come months I have a night away from our kids on this bs. We left, and as we were leaving can u believe they still had a line down the block waiting to buy tickets, we were shuttled to the court house and then grabbed an uber and went home. Im getting ahold of BBB.

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