Linda Ghost Hunter


I am the only tour in Hollywood that has ghost hunting equipment. This gives you the ability to scientifically prove if we’re getting evidence or not. Instead of watching the ghost shows on television participate in a real ghost experience ! We will walk down the Walk of Fame “where a few stars on the Walk may have stories of their own” and see landmarks that are known to be haunted. I have extensive knowledge of all the places we’ll visit, ranging from the history of old Hollywood to the stories of the dead who still wander through their favorite haunts. I host small, intimate investigations where YOU get to use all of the paranormal equipment you see on TV, including: K2 Meter / EMF Detectors Mel Meter Ovilus 5 Spirit Box / Ghost Box: Speak to spirits in real time EVP Voice Recorders Dowsing Rods Temperature Gauges Infrared Cameras Lots more!


Established in 2017.

I have been doing this Hollywood tour for almost a year now. I am amazed at the amount of evidence I have been able to acquire on Hollywood Boulevard. The stories I get from the dead or incredible. Come help me find out more information and have your own personal experience!

Highest Review

By far, the most sensational and thrilling experience. We did the tour at The old zoo at Griffith park, Linda is filled with energy, you could tell she’s great at what she does, and loves what she does. She’s knowledgeable, has the right gear to hear stories from a ghost, to detect paranormal activity. I was so impressed, come with questions and energy so you can make the most of this experience. Truly one of a kind.

Lowest Review

Hands down one of the best ghost hunting experience ever. Linda is enthusiastic, knowledgeable, helpful, and so kind. She explained her equipment to us, let us all use them, and take turns. It was a very active night, all the equipment kept going off of course there was moments of barely no activity but that’s expected. One of the best parts is when she broke out with the spirit boxs and we heard people from the other side. Of those voices two of them were recognizable to us, one was a male friend of ours and the other was a female friend of a lady in our group. Linda makes you feel very comfortable in exploring and asking questions. She makes this tour about you and what you want to experience. I strongly recommend this tour.

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