Ghost Hunts USA


Ghost Hunts USA is rated #1 for the best ghost hunting events. We provide overnight Ghost Hunting Events in the most haunted and at times harrowing locations.


Established in 2015

Ghost Hunts USA started as a humble group of paranormal investigators and has over the last couple of years, grown to become the largest paranormal and ghost hunt event company in the United States.

Highest Review

My review is based on a Ghost Tour of 76 House in Tappan, NY. it has been a few years, but it is an experience I will never forget. Within the first 30 mins I was there, Tyler had most of his attention on me. Which made some of the other customers upset. I was there for a reason, and Tyler pick up on that and during the entire night was drawn to me with a strong need to speak to me about a loved one that passed. Giving details that made my friends and I gasp. Lots of tears from me, and lots of information from Tyler. So much that he wanted to continue the conversation on another day, but the timing was not good and we never reconnected. He had so much to share with me. I started out a skeptic…I made sure not to give my name, home town or any information that would give someone an opportunity to research a person. All of that didn’t matter that night, the vibes were strong. A gift I will always be grateful for. Tyler, if you see this…thank you!

Lowest Review

Ghost Hunts USA owes me $747 for an event that they sent me a cancellation for, for the Conjuring House on Dec 23-24th. Dec 5th was the notification of the cancellation. Dec 6th I requested a refund to my credit card via email, from there they advised 7-10 days for a refund. Called Dec 22nd after I did not receive a refund and was advised they changed their credit card information to a different system and they would have to mail me a check. Well over 10 business days has gone by and i am still waiting for a check. No return phone call x2 (with the voicemail saying they return messages within 48 hours), no return email in over a week. They did return a facebook message but told me the customer service department would have to reach out to me “but they are really busy and they should return my phone call by the end of the week.” I was blocked via facebook and they changed their facebook site to a private page. If you are looking to get screwed over this is the place!!! They take hundreds of dollars of your hard working money and will screw you over. Hopefully my credit card company will help assist with the credit card dispute!

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