BLendIN Georgia Ghost Tours


BLendIN Georgia Ghost tours mission is to showcase the insane amount of verified hauntings in Cobb County. We have two ghost tours in historic downtown Powder Springs that tell of the history of each location, the paranormal phenomena experienced by the property owners and videos of what a Certified Psychic Medium saw on her first time visiting! All of this gets even creepier when we show actual photo and video eveidence caught by none other than our team and visitors on the tour! We also host special ghost investigation events and Psychic nights all around Cobb. We have partnered with our local history museum to do fundraiser events to restore our historic cemetery in Powder Springs. Tours run in the month of October, and we host events throughout the year! We also have a YouTube series called “Bringing Back the Dead” where we ghost trip to local landmarks to see what’s lurking about!


Established in 2015.

We started this for no other reason than to support the Seven Springs Museum and show-off the history of our wonderful downtown of Powder Springs.

  • Phone: (678) 888-2056
  • Address: 3899 Brownsville Rd Powder Springs, GA 30127

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