Blackout Haunted House


Current exhibit is 90s Slashers Immersive Experience. Tickets are $16 and you purchase in store day of visit. Exhibit is on display until approximately until the end of the year. Museum and shop of occult, horror and more! Gothic home decor, apparel , books, tarot decks etc plus Photo op and art gallery . Located next door to our sister store Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities which in which you can find antiques of funerary , medical, plus taxidermy, skulls and bones, insect specimens , vintage halloween, vintage horror posters comics original art and more! Follow us on Instagram for updates @themysticmuseum @beardedladyvintage


Established in 2016

Owners of Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities have expanded to open The Mystic Museum.

Highest Review

I had the pleasure of doing this awesome haunt back in 2011. This is definitely for the sadomasochist at heart :)) And is only for adults … no children allowed. 18 and over please!

This isn’t one of your typical walk in groups kinda haunts … So don’t go with the intention of walking in there with your homies wearing fresh new digs.

First off …. wear clothes that your okay with getting dirty. You will get blood on them. Same goes for shoes. You have to sign a waiver form before going in. You are provided with masks and a flashlight. That’s it. AND, you walk in ALONE!!!

You are not allowed to touch the actors … but they can touch you. And you will be touched. You will be pushed. You will be thrown around. Oh .. and some of the actors are naked lol … you will be put through humiliating, disgusting and degrading things …. also expect sexual innuendos. You may come out with bruises, but remember .. you signed up for this! They also have a ‘safe word’ in the event that you cant go through it to the end.

Some people have compared this to Saw. But … I don’t think so. But, everyones’ scare level is different, so each persons experience will differ. It’s more of a psychological game rather than your normal ‘haunted house’.

Without giving much away, this is not for the faint of heart. If you are claustrophobic, don’t do it. I LOVED my time there and would do it again in a heart beat! It was action packed, heart racing rush!!! And I would definitely recommend this haunt to everyone!!!

Lowest Review

Buyer beware! For those of you attending the off season this weekend you need to be there at the exact time given. My time was at 4:15 and I arrived at 4:18 and was told “it’s 4:18, game over, sorry, maybe next time”. It took me three hours with traffic to get there and emailed Blackout updates to let them know of my situation but it didn’t matter. Just like that I am out of $135 with no refunds and do not want to return after this experience even if they make it right. Bad business move for us paying customers and was very excited to go. I’ve never had a business do this or handle a situation like this in the way it was handled. I wouldn’t even give them one star for this because it was poorly executed and handled. I feel pretty bad leaving this review as I am a fan but it was either this or stay silent. Josh even came out and talked to me but honestly it didn’t feel right and felt like I was just given the I am sorry speech and there are no refunds. They booked their shows literally back to back to maximize their earning potential for the weekend leaving no room what-so-ever for error. Good businesses do not make that mistake….because of my experience I will not be attending anymore of their events and neither will my friends just through word of mouth. Hopefully everyone else got to experience Blackout and had a good time this weekend. Just remember…. buyer beware.

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