Waxahachie Haunted History Tours


Come learn about the darker side of Waxahachie. On our two hour tour you will learn about the past that history books like to ignore. Stops include the well-known Rogers Hotel and Ellis County Courthouse, as well as lesser-known addresses around the downtown area. The tour is informative, interesting, and maybe just a little bit spooky!


Established in 2014.

Tours started in August 2015 and is continuing on most Saturday nights. I started with about 90 minutes worth of stories, but now have more stories than fill a 2 hour tour. We regularly capture interesting pictures. Many of which we show during the tour.

Highest Review

Excellent tour in historic downtown Waxahachie. Mr. Reid was very informative and entertaining. He freely showed our group photos and videos of his and other guests experiences. A unique experience to visit the town at night when it’s quiet. I took a beautiful shot of the Courthouse lit up in all of its glory. Enjoyed the history lessons of the area. I would highly recommend this tour for a unique night out.

Lowest Review

Went out with my girlfriend on this tour on a summer night. First off, the streets are well lit and low traffic at night. The tour guide is funny, he told jokes, friendly, knowledgeable… He has a little trick involving dumdums that I bet wins popularity for the kids (and me). You will be amazed by the stories!

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