A Drunken History of NB Tour


Ghost and legends are a part of New Brunswick’s history……

Some say that the spirit remains when the dead have unfinished business. Others claim that sometimes the dead just don’t realize they are dead and continue to perform their daily routine just as they did in life. Or could it be that spirits are drawn to the energy given off by the living choosing to stay around and interact with us? Many spirits have found their way back to what they knew in life as home.
Tour the streets of New Brunswick and hear the tales of those who continue to haunt this city.

Operating Hours:
Mon Closed
Tue 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Wed Closed
Thu Closed
Fri Closed
Sat Closed
Sun Closed

Highest Review

If when you think about learning history you envision sitting in a classroom listening to your professor recite an endless litany of facts and dates and then you have to parrot them back to him, well it’s time to experience the new “classroom”. This tour, led by an engaging and charming guide, will take you through the streets of New Brunswick. You will hear tales of the city while strolling the streets where the history actually unfolded and stopping along the way at three of New Brunswick’s great pubs for a chance to quench your thirst, mingle and interact with your guide in a more relaxed atmosphere and get a taste of what New Brunswick has to offer. This is a Must-Do event when looking for a fun experience in New Brunswick!!

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