Ghosts Tours of Marietta

  • Address: 131 Church St NE Marietta, GA 30060
  • Phone: 770) 425-1006

Highest Review

We had a wonderful time with Jessica, seeing the sights of downtown and enjoying the variety of foods offered in that setting. The walk was easy and made interesting by learning the history and architecture of the buildings. A great way to spend an afternoon in Phoenix.

Lowest Review

For ~$60 per person this tour is both a rip off and a disappointment. It was more of a walking tour of downtown phoenix(people do these for tips) than a culinary experience. The restaurants and the food choices they pick are below average….pad Thai at a Thai restaurant, tasting of olive and balsamic vinegar where the wine came from a lackluster Costco bottle, and probably the worse Italian food in downtown phoenix. The taco stop is OK and the dessert place is much better. So if you are looking throw away $55, this is your spot. Else, grab a map & search on Yelp for some authentic and unique spots that are blooming throughout the city ! And take a walking tour instead to learn about the history of the city…no fun going on a so called culinary tour with no taste.

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