Hallowed Ground

There was once a family that lived in a small village, where rumors of a haunted house had been circulating for years. The family didn’t believe in ghosts, so when the opportunity arose to buy the house at a low price, they immediately jumped on the opportunity.

But from the moment they moved in, strange occurrences began to happen. Doors would creak open and slam shut on their own, and the family heard footsteps and whispers in the dead of night. At first, they tried to ignore it, but as the events became more and more frequent, they started to feel like they were being watched.

One night, the youngest child of the family was woken up by a ghostly figure standing at the end of her bed. The ghostly figure whispered her name, beckoning her to follow. She followed the ghostly figure down the hallway and into a room that she had never seen before. In the room was a chest, and the ghostly figure pointed to it. When she opened the chest, she found a letter that had been left there by the previous owners of the house.

The letter explained that the house was built on sacred ground, and that the spirit of a vengeful Native American chief who had been wronged was haunting the house. The chief had been seeking revenge for years, and anyone who lived in the house was in grave danger.

The family didn’t waste any time and quickly packed up their belongings, leaving the haunted house behind. They never spoke of their experience again, but the rumors of the haunted house continued to circulate for years to come. To this day, no one dares to live in the house, for fear of being visited by the vengeful spirit.

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