The Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor


From the darkest depths of your deepest hidden fears, Dark Harbor is resurrected this fall with its cast of sinister spirits ready to deliver another season of blood curdling terror. Live your nightmares aboard the haunted Queen Mary and join our cast of ghouls, spirits, and undead for an unforgettable, frighteningly authentic haunted experience.

Dark Harbor is not only a unique haunted experience in Southern California, but also a great value with ticket prices starting at just $20 online. Fast Fright, VIP Passes, and Overnight Packages are also available.

Highest Review

I’m not a fan of being scared, however I do enjoy learning about history. My bf loves anything paranormal, so we agreed to go on this tour while we were on vacay in Phoenix. My girlfriend and her boyfriend joined us as well so we met in front of the Orpheus theatre as directed by the tour registration email. People slowly started to gather and we waited until our tour guide (Joe) came. After quick introductions and instructions (safety first!), the tour started about the background of the Orpheus theatre and we made our way throughout downtown Phoenix learning about the many stories and haunted venues and hotels. The tour ended at the Westward Ho where Jasper (a residence and honorary tour guide) allowed us to tour the hotel. What an awesome way to learn about the history of Phoenix and be given tips on where you can dine/drink and hopefully have your own paranormal encounters. I highly recommend taking this tour!

Lowest Review

My husband and I really enjoyed the ghost tour. We loved learning about the various buildings in Phoenix combined with the stories of ghosts. The tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly and had a passion for history. The tour of the Westward Ho was the highlight of the trip as the general public cannot visit the building so that was a real treat. The Westward Ho is an architectural gem with a storied past. I would recommend this tour to others as it is a different and gives you a interesting background on the City of Phoenix and the downtown area which is become so much nicer!

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