Ghosts, Murders & Mayhem


I started Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem Walking Tours in August of 2010 after earning my New York City Sightseeing Guide License. Originally I was going to offer a ghost tour, but after studying New York history, I discovered so many strange and important stories of mayhem, I decided to broaden our subject matter.

The reputable publisher of historical books, Arcadia Publishing, reached out to me to contribute a book to their Images of America Series. GHOSTS AND MURDERS OF MANHATTAN is available through Arcadia, Amazon, Barnes and Noble.

Although I’ve had some paranormal experiences in my life, the scariest time for me happened after I left my corporate dream job as a Director of Training and moved at age 39 Into the dorms with 18 year-olds at the Boston Conservatory. Three years later I graduated Magna Cum Laude with a B.F.A. in Musical Theater Performance. I continue to perform and enjoy writing including my blog Elise’s Ghosts, Murders, and Mayhem.

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Highest Review

If you love NYC, finding new places, and learning a bit about the gritty foundations of The City, you should definitely sign up for a tour with Ghosts, Murder and Mayhem. Elise, the founder and occasional guide, has put hundreds of hours of research into this adventure. From gang wars, and “Indian” attacks, to hauntings and apparitions, you’ll hear stories of centuries past and present. Wear your comfy shoes, because over 2-2.5 hours you will cover a lot of ground. I’ve done the Hell’s Kitchen walk as well as the Lower Manhattan one. Both were well attended by a fun group of ghost and history enthusiasts and absolutely taught me about the more treacherous backstory of NY. At $25 per ticket (though check the site for discount codes or livingsocial offers) this tour is a steal.

Lowest Review

Great, historically accurate stories! Our guide, Meghan, was a very engaging storyteller and really knew her history. Loved hearing all the stories about places that people walk by every day but never consider. Also, got the tour at a great deal price by using a living social deal – normally $25 regular price – got it for 50% off.

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