Lawrenceville Ghost Tours


While Lawrenceville is the oldest city in Metro Atlanta, for many years it was a sleepy suburban Southern town. With the growth and development of the metro area, much of historic downtown Lawrenceville was renovated at the turn of the century. These renovations awakened the sleeping ghosts, and sparked increased reports of paranormal activity, thus setting the stage for Lawrenceville, GA Ghost Tours. Whether it is tales based on local legends handed down over the decades or recent paranormal investigations, our professional storytellers will regale you with stories that will send a chill down your spine. Come find out, if you dare, why Lawrenceville has the most popular ghost tour in Metro Atlanta.

Highest Review

We had a great experience with Spur Cross Stables today. Let’s start with their directions: they were fantastic and helpful (loved the email with the map and landmark pics) so you know where to go when you get off the road (a lil bumpy but so much fun). We arrived early as advised and got to spend time with the animals and our horses. Our two guides took us out on a 4.5 hour ride to the petroglyphs and gave us history lessons on the way (Yellow Snake & Jeremy were great). They were patient with the other family’s younger kids and helpful with everyone else in the group (family of 5 and myself and my son). Before we started out they made sure all of us had water and explained to each of us how to handle our horses. Yellow Snake & JR kept an eye out on everyone and everything (I mean everything rattlesnakes Gila monster etc). They asked if any of us had riding experience (3 of our group did myself and the parents of the other party) and they still checked on us through out the ride and answered our questions. The horses know the trail, are sure footed, and calm, (yes the horses stop for breaks and will try to snack if you let them but the guides instructed everyone on how to stop the horses when they did this and the guides worked with my own son on this his horse really liked to snack along the ride; my horse tried a few times but it wasn’t a big deal just lead the horse). The history lessons, scenery, guides, and well everything were great! If you are on the fence do it, spring for long ride, have fun and enjoy yourself. Tip the trail guides! To those who say the staff is rude: nope they aren’t every single person at SCS was awesome. Our guides even made sure hikers had water and checked on folks we came across. The short rides are short (1.5 hours means 45 minute amble out and back) you want to really see what there is to see take the long ride. If you want adventure and a fast pace this isn’t for you but hey they offer experienced rides so sign up for one of those! Thanks again for the great experience and inviting us back, I will be back for more rides!

Lowest Review

The man who answers the phone is extremely rude. Not a good way to get business. I’ve talked to him twice…once to schedule and another to confirm the time/day. In the future, I’ll go to another ranch for riding.

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