San Diego Ghosts


San Diego Old Town Ghost Tours takes you into the oldest corners of the “Plymouth of the West.” Our captivating and unnerving historical ghost stories pull back the curtain on the real story behind the country’s sunniest city.

Highest Review

I’m hoping this is the correct company to leave our review with. We booked for the Saturday night before Mother’s Day and met our guide Molly outside the Balboa Theater in downtown. Our group had about 11 people in it so it was nice and small. Molly was equipped with a microphone so even though the downtown area was noisy, we could hear her well. We heard some fascinating stories of the downtown area and of course had a great time trying to spy some ghosts. We didn’t see any but certainly heard some questionable things on the EMF monitor. This was a fun and memorable way to spend an evening. Wear your walking shoes as Molly walks quickly and strangely you back track a little on the tour. Have a great time!

Lowest Review

This ghost tour was horrendous. I come for the creepy history, but she was just making stuff up.
Unpleasant, offensive, spectacularly unclear on the history.

Pretended to be from San Diego even though her accent implied midwest or upstate NY. Disparaging “Indians” What? You mean the Kumeyaay or who? Multiple disparaging comments about “prostitutes”. You can be against sex work, but please be respectful. Just a little bit of research and a tiny bit of respect for others would go a long way.

The history was secondary to improbable camp-fire type ghost stories.
Hey San Diego Ghosts, either go with a historian, an actor or a professional story teller. For the record, I have been to Ghost tours in many cities, all excellent. Skip this one or choose another tour. There are legit ghost tours in SD, don’t fall for this copy-cat.

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