San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour


The first and original San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour is a lantern lit stroll into San Francisco’s past. Walk to some of San Francisco’s most notorious haunted places. Hear thrilling stories based on documented research. Discover weird and wonderful San Francisco history. Feel tingles go up your spine. *And maybe even SEE a ghost yourself…. (*This may include your host dressed up in a sheet…no promises…) The San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour is a historical walking tour of the Pacific Heights neighborhood, one of the few neighborhoods to survive The Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906. You’ll walk a mile on tree-lined streets in a safe residential area with fine Victorian architecture. You’ll learn about real historic names of San Francisco — how they lived, how they died, and the reports of hauntings, ever since. We don’t make it up. We just report it. You’ll enjoy 90 minutes to 2 hours of guaranteed unearthly fun!


Established in 1998.

San Francisco’s very first and most enchanting ghost adventure.

Highest Review

My partner and I attended Christian’s “THE 13: Standard SF Ghost Hunt + After Tour VIP Magic Experience” on Halloween this year. We were really entertained by Christian’s stories during the walking tour, but the real treat that left us in awe was his magic show for the 13 VIP guests. It includes a cocktail, Halloween treats and some magic tricks that blew our minds. Such a nice alternative to partying, especially since Halloween this year fell on a work night. I hope he continues to do more with his magic tricks in future tours.

Lowest Review

We started by going to the Queen Anne Hotel, which many ppl mention was the only interesting part of the tour. After waiting for a while in the dining hall for the tour to begin. We started with intros, etc. Then a brief history of the hotel, but 45 minutes into it my husband and I started to exchange looks because we were sitting and getting extremely bored with the tangent the tour guide was going on. Then after IDK like an hour some minutes he told us to explore on our own. OK, fine, didn’t see or hear anything obviously but after 30 minutes there’s only so much you can do when you’re not even allowed to have any tea or water from the lobby, and felt like a privilege to even use the restroom before we went outside. The rest of the tour consisted of random real estate facts, possible haunted homes which you better not take a picture of at night with flash because they’ll call the cops on you. You walk around in a small square route stopping after a block to hear him talk about something random and a story that’s supposed to be scary. Then after 20 mins of talking about a random looking property, the key comes out, a trick key that turns on its own. Ugh…. I was chilly, felt a cold coming on and was close to leaving the tour because it started feeling like a chore to complete. I tried to keep my spirits up because I didn’t want my husband to have a bad time but I think by the end of it everyone was bored out of their mind. The best part was when it was over! I have been on many ghost tours now: Florida, Texas, and New Orleans. They all were different but each had something unique about it, either the guide was excellent n passionate, or they’d take you into a building and give you an E-meter, or be full of interesting historical facts that would make you view the city differently. This tour offered nothing, except regret because I had to turn over my hard earned cash to a guy who obviously didn’t care to be there, with nothing interesting to say, and just wanted to do this gig and go home. Word of advice, just rent a horror movie instead if you’re in SF.

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