New York City Ghosts


New York Ghosts provides 2-hour walking ghost tours through New York’s Greenwich Village. We’ll visit places like Edgar Allan Poe’s House, Mark Twain’s House, mass burial sites, former speakeasies, and much more. We’ll talk about the gruesome and tragic events that happened at these places, and the hauntings that persist to this day.

Highest Review

Amazing tour! We were lucky to have Tanner as our guide. It was just us two plus him so it felt very personal and special. He was super knowledgeable and gave us a lot of fascinating new information about the neighborhood. All the stories really left you feeling creeped out which sometimes you don’t always get at your run of the mill ghost tours. Everything felt natural and unrehearsed. We would definitely do this tour again! I recommend the extended tour as it gives you even more insight to the neighborhood. Thank you, Tanner for being awesome!

Lowest Review

My cousin and I booked tickets for the 8 pm ghost tour of Greenwich Village on Saturday night. We were really surprised to see 60+ people waiting for the tour to begin under the arches in Washington Square Park (not including the extended tour group). With the tour guides splitting the large group into two, there were 39 people on our tour which felt very unsafe and inappropriate for a walking tour during a global pandemic. We chose to leave but were really disappointed in their apparent lack of consideration of adhering to social distancing guidelines.

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