Ghosts & Gravestones Tour San Diego

Highest Review

Very interesting way to spend your evening in Old Town San Diego. You learn about the history of the area and the inhabitants. The presentation is done extremely well. I would recommend the residents of the area take the tour, I’m sure the majority don’t know the park in their neighborhood is grass covering graves….the whole park and it is very large. Go out find out yourself what interesting facts are out there.

Lowest Review

Regarding GRAVES AND GRAVESTONES Tour….. incredibly disappointed by their lack of compassion and willingness to make things right. I heard about this tour more than 10 years ago and finally had the opportunity for my 40th birthday so this was a big deal for me. I purchase the tickets online, and received an email with instructions to register online before the tour. I did so, and then showed up a half hour before as I was instructed, even though I could not understand why I had to check in twice, once online and again in person. Then Katherine told me that I was supposed to check in with her. Even as I was trying to explain the confusion, she would not hear it, and kept repeating herself, saying “it’s with me you check in.” And then, as if to throw it in my face, she pointed at the couple who had just left the booth and told me that she had just sold my tickets to them. Even after we called the tour company, they refused to issue a refund, even after I had purchased two other tours from them for the same weekend. Apparently they DO NOT actually honor their 100% satisfaction guarantee that they advertise.

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