Haunts of Littleton Tours


Welcome to the 13th Annual Walking Tour. For years now, curious folk have ventured onto the streets of downtown Littleton, CO in late October to listen to and learn about the scary and often times haunted past of this quiet Colorado community.

Rich with storied history, the tour takes you on an hour long spirited journey through downtown Littleton and reveals many of its centuries-long tales and lore. Fun for young and old alike, the tour is a fine mix of facts, frights and tongue-in-cheek muses.

Since it’s inception, the family friendly tour has been held in conjunction with the South Metro Denver Chamber. This, it’s thirteenth year, the Haunts are still being hosted by families, friends and volunteers of Littleton, CO BSA Troop 444.

We hope you’re not too scared to stop by!

Highest Review

This tour starts at Union Station and gives a good overview of the LODO Warehouse area. Very many interesting buildings and a good description of the history and architecture of the buildings. A good place to spend some time whether you are a visitor or a long term resident.

Lowest Review

Thank you! for the tour of Downtown Denver, I was pleasantly surprised and learned quite a bit from the tour. I love the “Ghost Signs” and the “Tall People” Doors on 16th Street. I am happy to see that Historic Denver is putting forth the effort to save our Historic buildings! Thank you Beverly, I had a wonderful time!

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