Whaley House Museum


The Whaley House is considered to the be the most haunted house in America.


Established in 1960.

The Whaley House Museum is one of San Diego’s most popular destinations for families, tourists, and ghost hunters alike. This classic example of Greek Revival architecture was constructed in 1857, and, in addition to being the Whaley Family residence, served as San Diego’s first commercial theatre, the county courthouse, and the Whaley & Crosthwaite General Store, all of which have been restored to the museum. We hope visitors will take home with them some of the history of this important relic of early San Diego as well as the folklore and legends that surround it.

Highest Review

Wow, what a place. We came for the 6pm on 12/27. This place was amazing. First off, our tour guide Clementine, she was amazing. She was hilarious, extremely knowledgeable, and she was amazing at explaining the history of the house.

The house was creepy especially because of all the furniture and the history, which is super interesting. I am definitely returning for the paranormal investigation (which is from 10:30pm-1:30am!).

Overall amazing experience in a super creepy house and Clementine was the funniest and best tour guide I’ve ever had! Highly recommend!

Lowest Review

I wouldn’t recommend the day tour of the Whaley house. My tour guide gave us a 5 minute summary Thomas Whaley and how they used those groups to excite people before Thomas bought it. I remember when I was in fourth grade there was a more sinister story to the house. My tour guide did not discuss how all the family member died and the paranormal things that happen there. It was a free for all walking up and down of the two story house. I wouldn’t spend $14 again. I rather watch a YouTube video of the house to get a better description.

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