Haunted Orange County


Haunted Orange County is the premier haunted entertainment, tour & event company for Orange County, CA. Providing historic ghost walks, public paranormal investigation events, celebrity meet ups, UFO sky watches, dinner events, and paranormal related lectures.


Established in 2009

Haunted Orange County is the premier haunted entertainment paranormal tour & event company for Orange County, CA. Providing historic ghost walks, public paranormal investigation events, celebrity meet ups, dinner events, UFO sky watches and paranormal related lectures and workshops.

Highest Review

My daughter and I did the Old Town Orange tour tonight with Valerie and loved it. She was very knowledgeable about the history of the area and had some great paranormal stories to tell. I would definitely do another one and It sounds like who you have for a guide makes a huge difference. Looking forward to Black Star Canyon next.

Lowest Review

My friend and I took the Santa Ana walking tour. I was nervous because this was my first time doing a socially distanced group activity during COVID and I really wanted to enjoy this tour as I’ve heard great things about Haunted OC and they’ve always been incredibly kind when I’ve met people associated with the group at conventions, but I didn’t feel 100% safe on the tour. I know it’s a choice I made and a risk I took to go out on this, but it’s also the company’s responsibility to help us stay safe.

We were continuously encouraged to gather closer (which I generally understand because our guide was hard to hear sometimes), and our group was also larger than the 20 person limitation which made it harder to social distance. We also had one or two people in our group that spent the entire tour pulling their masks down at stops to vape and they were never told to keep their masks on. The tour ended with the entire group being invited into the very small Waffle House parlor to watch a video. It became very crowded very quickly and without the AC on there was very little air flow, and it got to the point where my friend and I left immediately after they broke up the group to let us explore the house because we felt unsafe. If we had stood outside to talk about the house and how to support the historical society where we could try to distance ourselves it would have been different but we spent over 20 minutes crammed into that room together.

Our tour guide had a problem keeping her mask on. It would continuously fall off her face while she was talking, to the point where we could frequently see her mouth, and it would take her ages to get it back on properly. When we were in the house there was a moment where she stopped to drink water and then it took her almost five minutes of trying to get it back on while she continued talking to us. My friend and I felt like she talked in circles, repeating information and occasionally negating things she had said at previous stops. I also felt like she could have been more respectful about certain subjects like post-mortem photography, as she ended talking about that subject stating that she wasn’t going to move on with the tour until she had thoroughly grossed us out. I understand it’s an uncomfortable subject, especially with how the death industry is handled today, and that this is a spooky tour so we /should/ feel uncomfortable, but this came off more as rude than historically creepy information, etc. She also frequently complained about how unnecessary the Mariachi music was when we passed Mexican restaurants but “it was okay to complain because she ate there.”

The tour overall ran an hour over the stated 90 minutes on their website.

I may try another tour after COVID starts to clear up because as I mentioned, I’ve heard great things about their tours and some of their guides. Maybe we went on a bad night, or our guide was having an off day. I don’t know, but I definitely would not recommend the Santa Ana tour at this time.

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