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Highest Review

We signed up for a garden district tour at the last minute via the internet. We quickly received instructions and directions to meet our tour guide, Grey Sweeny Perkins at a Starbucks in the garden district. From the moment we meet her we knew that we made a good choice. Grey, a recovering lawyer, is incredibly knowledgeable about everything New Orleans. She was fun and entertaining, telling us about the scandals, architecture, and history of the garden district. Whether discussing Sandra Bullock’s house and guests, Archie Manning’s house where Peyton grew up, I am a big Broncos fan, so this was fun, or the changing house designs as the community was lead by the French, the Spanish, and finally the Americans, She describes the influence of the Germans, Italians, and other ethnicity on the communities and always keeps you asking for more. I am only sorry that we don’t have the opportunity to take another tour lead by this wonderful woman. You will not regret a minute of time you get to spend on this tour.

Lowest Review

I felt actual pity for the other tour groups I saw with 25+ shuffling people crammed together like human cattle – with boring guides just phoning in a standard spiel. For example, while Jeffrey gave us a 5-8 minute story at Nicolas Cage’s tomb in St Louis # 1, another group came by and the tour guide said exactly this: “Here’s Nick Cage’s tomb” as she pointed, then walked on. No backstory, no heart. They didn’t even stop moving! Jeffrey is an AMAZING tour guide – his company is not an overgrown corporate behemoth like many of the other options. Look for small groups and VERY detailed, interesting tales. He covers everything, and does so with real enthusiasm and expertly crafted storytelling which keeps you interested the whole journey. He does NOT fill his tales with made-up BS to “spice it up”, reality is plenty spicy just as it is! Our “Strange True” tour of St Louis Cemetery # 1 is something I would put on every mandatory “must do” list for NOLA – period!

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