Go Alcatraz


When families come to San Francisco, they think about the Golden Gate Bridge, Clam Chowder, and Alcatraz Island. We offer tours to Alcatraz island for times when all other avenues have been exhausted.


Established in 2011.

Our business started in 2011 in a brick and mortar kiosk in San Francisco. Since then, in order to stay afloat with rising rents, we developed a website for our main source of sales. We have always been driven by a customer satisfaction mentality!

Highest Review

Took my Alcatraz tour with Go Alcatraz and I was glad I did! They’re cheaper than almost all of their competitors. I got same day tickets to Alcatraz, which was a very welcomed surprise. Go here! Go see Alcatraz! You won’t regret it. I found this company on craigslist and I’m glad I did. The guy that runs this place was so nice, he gave me a ride in his personal car so that I would make the ferry on time because I was running late (walking, taking buses, etc). It’s been years since I took this trip, but I still remember this company and how nice that guy was to me.

Lowest Review

WORST place ever…BE AWARE!!! :(( We purchase our tickets from our concierge the night before from our hotel paid $170 tickets per person. We almost pay $400 for only two tickets.

If you buy them and not show up in time I contact the costumer service about the situation and explain them about taking the big bus for three hours so we can make it to the Alcatraz but they leave the boat right away. This was suppose to be our part 2 honeymoon try, I’m so angry and angry about this place. I feel like they sold our tickets like lottery. HORRIBLE place don’t recommend at all.

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