Hollywoods Haunted Tours


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Established in 2011

Founded in 2011- What began as a hobby, turned into a passion OC Ghosts and Legends leader and operator Cris August envisioned an organization that would allow for the public to further explore their own curiosities with the paranormal, by offering public ghost tours and events- conducted by our own field investigators. We don’t just tell ghost stories- we discuss theories and investigative techniques. We want our guests to think outside the box of what they THINK they know and understand about the Paranormal. On some tours we conduct investigative experiments to try and communicate with the other side. Our ghost walks/tours and events are conducted in Orange County, San Diego and Arizona. Orange County Ghosts and Legends is an organization dedicated to and specializing in anomalous and paranormal research. Our team of professionals investigate privately owned businesses, historical landmarks and private residences.

Highest Review

This was a really fabulous tour! Our guide Jameson was friendly, very knowledgeable and had a great sense of humor too! The tour lasted 3 hours, well worth the money! Listening to the stories, learning the history and seeing the actual places right in front of you made for a very enjoyable adventure. I would highly recommend this for tourist and locals alike!

Lowest Review

This was very misleading by the description. I have been on several haunted walking tours that were not only historically interesting, but I got to tour the site. Being inside a building or walking through a graveyard is not unusual during these types of tours, but this tour has you standing across the street (or even further) looking at a building that is supposedly haunted. One building they were describing was about a lady jumping out of her bathroom window that was on the 11th floor (there were only 10 floors, I counted) and they said the bathroom windows were made smaller so you cannot jump out. On the “11th floor” where someone supposedly jumped out of was still a large enough window to crawl out of. The tour guides have never experienced anything paranormal… They just claim they studied these places (was it from across the street?) They should have at least brought us to the Roosevelt (which is haunted) and could accommodate a group in the lobby. This tour was disapointing and you do more walking down streets than anything else. Don’t waste your money on tour guides who are just going through the motions and leading you through random streets. All the information they provided I could have read on the internet. I can’t believe all the 11 or so good reviews they received.

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