Murder n’ Mayhem


“Our detective made sure we had an amazing time. The stories were intriguing. Definitely recommend.” With many tour options you are guaranteed to have a killer time! Experience our True Crime Tour, Ghost Tours, Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt, LGBTQ History Tour and Murder Mystery Parties. Murder n’ Mayhem delivers a completely unique experience.


Established in 2009.

When my family moved to San Diego I fell in love with all of the tourist activity. I just knew I had to make my mark on this place by spreading some murder n’ mayhem in San Diego with Who Dunnit? Adventure Tours. We have since grown and now offer several tour options in San Diego and Las Vegas.

Highest Review

Well that was fun! Did Murder n’Mayhem Murder Mystery this past weekend with a couple of our friends and their family. Our guide was Leila, who was the absolute sweetest. Spoke very clear instructions, repeated what she thought we definitely needed to know, made sure we were aware of our surroundings as we walked around downtown, followed us for a few clues to make sure we had what we needed to solve a puzzle. She checked in with us prior to the event to make sure we had found parking as it was very crowded. Asked if we were from out of town, and sent text updates throughout in case we were lost or needed help. She was awesome.

It’s a nice way to be introduced to Gaslamp downtown. It’s been a while since I’ve been downtown – mainly only there during Comic-con, interesting to see what has moved out, what has moved in (definitely more homeless, and seems more dirty than pre-pandemic, more worn down), I somehow got easily turned around so it was nice to have Leila guiding us where we needed to go.

Clues for the most part were relatively easy to solve, with a couple that were slightly more challenging. The end solution was a bit tricky – about half of us got it on the first try, the other half had to be talked into who the real murderer was. Great clues, nice mystery, the naming of all the characters got a good chuckle out of our group.

Highly recommend for natives and tourists a like if you like solving puzzles and clues (like an escape room) but are looking for something slightly different and are curious exploring downtown San Diego. It is a bit rowdy and fairly crowded/trafficky Saturday night, so a weeknight might be better if one doesn’t like rowdie-ness, but otherwise, it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday night!

Lowest Review

If you want to flush your money down the toilet go here! They basically send you on a wild goose chase. No mystery, not challenging and absolutely no payoff. Such a huge disappointment and waste of time and money. I’m baffled at the 5 star reviews. It’s a good concept but very poorly done. Will never do it again!

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