Local Ghost Tours of Miami


The Original Ghost Tour of Coconut Grove and Ghost Tours Miami offers nighttime walking tours through tropical streets, past ancient hardwood hammocks, and along Florida’s beautiful Biscayne Bay.

There are ghosts in the Grove: Ghosts, graves, native pathways, and a sacred spring, are a few of the documented secrets and authentic histories to discover in this legendary colony.

Highest Review

My family and I went on the Waikiki ghost tour this past December.  We all had an amazing time.  What stands out is not only his beautiful storytelling, but his reverence for the history and the people involved in these stories.  My mom and I were born on Oahu and hearing some lesser known stories and history of our birthplace was particularly intriguing.  Lopaka and his wife are wonderful people and I am glad I stumbled upon this tour.  Almost as if I was drawn to it.  I will definitely be taking one of his other tours next time we visit.

Lowest Review

We really wanted to like this tour but just ended up being really disappointed, at least with this particular tour on this night (10/30/14). First off, on the website there is no info on how long the tour is, nor how many locations we were going to go to. For $40 we thought we were taking a tour around the island, or at least making several stops to various places. We ended up spending the majority of the time at one single location (which I will not name) for about 2.5 hours. There was also about 50 other people there, so not too intimate of a setting in my opinion. Also on this particular tour was another storyteller who was a faculty member of this site. He provided his own experiences with incidents that happened there. The thing is, he was just a lousy storyteller- they weren’t even captivating or cohesive stories. I’m not the only one who noticed as we brought a few friends along with us, and they didn’t really get the point of his story either. Lopaka on the other hand did a fine job. I think the best part of it all was the comfortable bus we were shuttled in. It was funny though, that the bus driver didn’t even know how to get to the site we were going to. Lopaka had to stop in the middle of his storytelling and give him directions! Growing up as a kid I’ve been a big fan of Glen Grant’s stories. Unfortunately this experience (at least on this particular night) did not live up to it.

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