Gaslamp Tour by Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours


Join us for a haunted/ghost walking tour with dark history and true crime elements through San Diego’s downtown Gaslamp District. The Gaslamp District has a sorted history full of gunslingers, brothels, killers, businessmen, and puppies. In the midst of all this are ghosts, ghouls, and what SD ghost hunters tell us is currently the most active location in all of San Diego proper. Find out why when you go on this Gaslamp walking tour adventure. Let our guides captivate you with stories of real people who lived and died in the Gaslamp. The walking tour is the perfect blend of suspenseful tales, rich San Diego history, sarcastic jokes, and spooky fun. Bring your running shoes, and camera because it’s going to get dreadful. Join us!


Established in 2006.

Haunted San Diego Ghost Tours has been entertaining guests with our stories for over 14 years. Our tours have been customer rated as “San Diego’s Best Ghost Tour”, on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and TripAdvisor. If you want to support local small business, well we would be the definition of that. While our main competitor is a massive corporate conglomerate we are the opposite, a very small business. We tour because we love to and we love the expression on our guest face when we have done a tour well. It’s a rush. We are San Diego Haunted Ghost Tours. We’ve also been called the cities best “Dark History Tour.”

Highest Review

Great very knowledgeable period costumed guide. Answered all questions too. Awesome stories about 1800’s time Era in Gaslamp downtown. Lots of history with Haunted locations. Not a scary tour. You get exclusive entrance into most haunted location in 1850’s house. I highly recommend this tour. You’ll be on your feet for 2 hrs so wear comfy shoes. Tipped the great guide. Arrive early for parking is challenging.

Lowest Review

In all honesty, if no stars was an option that’s what I would leave. My fiancé, myself, and about 11 other people showed up to a location we were specifically texted to show up at, texted in a text that was so long it had to be downloaded to your phone to read might I add, that multiple times begged and pleaded for no negative yelp reviews, and very much so stressed being completely on time. Well, we were all more than on time, all waiting directly where we were told to, and then all of a sudden no one shows up to pick us up on a tour! What happened might you ask? Did anyone contact us to tell us what had happened? No! What happened was the person that runs this, his name is Brian sent us all the wrong address some how! When we all offered multiple accommodations, such as having the people that were somehow sent the proper address wait so we can show up there he said no, when we asked if there was anyway we could be given a tour after that one he said no, when we asked if they could come here and pick us up on the also said no. So while I understand that mistakes happen, what I don’t understand is how a business that goes out of their way to mention not wanting negative yelp reviews could be so unwilling to make any accommodations other than a refund. Multiple people that were there at the wrong place had also mentioned that they came from out of town or how this was a huge part of their vacation, and still no accommodations other than a refund were offered. I’m not one to leave negative reviews for a small business, especially one in the realm that I love such as the paranormal and true crime, but I am shocked in all honesty at how someone that brags about being the best rated tour on yelp, and begs for people to not leave like negative reviews could do nothing other than offer a refund for people that were more than willing to work around their mistake. Not to mention, if none of us had reached out to our tour guide who told us he didn’t know what was going on, and then reached out to Brian, none of us would’ve been told anything for who knows how long and we would’ve just been waiting in the location we were told to. I cannot stress enough how unprofessional, unaccommodating, and poorly run this business is. Please, if you love the paranormal and true crime do not waste your time or excitement on trying to book this tour.

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