Decatur Ghost Tour


Your tour begins in the heart of Downtown Decatur’s Historic Town Square, a diverse enclave of quaint shops and restaurants that share common space with the ghosts of Decatur’s exciting past. We stop at one of the oldest two story homes in Decatur where it’s been said spirits haunt the walled up fireplaces and move freely about the grounds. We will travel down small streets untouched by time to the old train depot where late at night… the cries of the wounded soldiers might be heard, or the ghost of the station master might stare back from across the tracks. You will never forget the twilight visit to Old Decatur Cemetery… some of the city’s most notable citizens are interred here. Be sure to bring your camera and don’t be surprised if you capture orbs and apparitions. Decatur’s dead are pretty restless.

Highest Review

I just wanted to share with you what an incredible experience I had with Steve and Arizona Scenic Tours. While in town for a work related convention, I opted to take a day tour on my down time. Arizona Scenic Tours offered a small group, van tour that made for an intimate and personal experience of Sedona and the Grand Canyon. Steve Gerhart, our guide for the day, started off my experience by advising me immediately that the temperatures at the canyon was 20 degrees cooler and that my shorts and short sleeve shirt may not be appropriate. He then waited patiently while I ran up to my room to quickly change. He had a cooler full of water and other beverages to offer all the tour participants and even had cough drops that he offered me upon noticing my lingering cough. Steve was extremely educated about the state of Arizona as well as entertaining. The tour was informative and fun. The level of attention to detail and care for his customers was outstanding. Steve even had spare phone chargers for me to use when my phone battery had drained during the 12 hour tour! Outstanding tour-company and superior customer service. I would highly recommend Steve and Arizona Scenic Tours to anyone traveling to Arizona.

Lowest Review

We contacted Steve a couple of weeks before our desired weekend via email. He was always quick to get back to us and thorough in his communication. We booked a Saturday Grand Canyon via Sedona tour. He picked us up in his caravan that morning around 0750. He was very polite, very professional, van was clean and in good shape so no worries there. There were three other women in the van but we had plenty of room. We hit the road up to Sedona. As locals (Phx) we were familiar with the drive but Steve’s expertise made us feel like tourists! He is so knowledgeable about the surrounding geography, knows geological history and has great info on the desert vegetation. It gave us a totally new perspective on things we’d seen a million times, like a traveling classroom. He encourages discussion and answers questions. Very articulate and educational. He was also willing to stop whenever necessary for bathroom breaks which my pregnant wife appreciated. Steve supplied water and soft drinks in a cooler, food and snacks are largely up to you. We saw the church in Sedona, walked around the shops and ate lunch solo. Then headed up to the Canyon. Steve’s knowledge of the Canyon was amazing as well. It is one thing to view this magnificent area and yet another to have someone there that understands its formation. Steve added such a nice dynamic by explaining how different levels of the canyon formed along with the different types of rock and sediment, the history of exploration, etc. We were there for a couple of hours then headed back to Phx. He was a very safe driver and we felt comfortable and secure the entire voyage. Would highly recommend taking one of Steve’s many tours and we hope to visit other areas of AZ that he frequents in the future.

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