Ghosts Tours of Marietta

Highest Review

The evening was actually Friday the 13th. It seemed like an ordinary enough night, near full moon and black cats everywhere. But that’s only what we thought. The location where the tour starts is pretty much right in the beautiful Marietta Square. Michelle, our guide and now our friend led us in an adventure through the rich history of this wonderful southern town.

As the civil war ravaged through the south and the sword if the north slicing right through Marietta as Sherman’s armies marched to the sea, shtories (Rick) abound of love, loss and death.

Michelle shares these stories with passion and knowledge while giving the tour goer a peer into the supernatural elements left behind by tourmented (haha) souls.

Hospitals patients, building explosion subjects, murder victims and unexplained apparitions fed by restaurants all call this part of town home.

A fun night out for sure. Keep an open mind and adventurous soul. Go have fun!!!

Lowest Review

We went on the walking tour and our tour guide showed us different buildings but not that many facts of the them. She would ask for us to guess what the building used to be and would take on average of 10 to 20 guesses from us. Most of them children so the guesses were abstract! I assume she did this to stretch out the time? After the guessing game it would be a 50/50 chance she would have information about the building. At one point we looked at underground tunnel entrances that she had no clue as to what they were and then a whole in the ground next to them. I would not recommend this tour, it was not scary and the tour guide was long winded and not informative!

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