Carolina History & Haunts


Whether you believe in ghosts or not, join us for a stroll through Greensboro’s streets guided by the eerie glow of candlelight. Within 90 minutes, listen to the stories of local history and haunts as we bring you to the sites where some of downtown’s departed inhabitants are said to still linger. If seeing is believing, come and see for yourself.

Carolina History & Haunts

Highest Review

What a fun evening touring uptown Charlotte and Artie’s stories of its history and haunts! Highly recommend!

Lowest Review

Went on the tour this Friday and it was awesome. I’m from Rhode Island and the one thing i wanted to do when I came was a ghost tour. But I wanted to learn history and not just look at haunted buildings. Our guide Artie gave me exactly what I was looking for. Had a blast and when I move down here I will certainly bring my friends on the tour when they visit. Artie told us to take pictures cause you never know what you might see. Well I’m pretty sure I got a pretty cool shot here. My girl friend took the same picture and there was no face but mine has one on the right side of the window. See pictures

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