Beneath the Streets


Engaging walking tours through and beneath the streets of Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square district.


Established in 2013.

Beneath the Streets is the newest tour of the abandoned areaways below today’s sidewalks in Seattle’s historic Pioneer Square. The tour was founded by four tour guides with a combined 45 years of experience giving tours of the tunnels.

Highest Review

We do a tour in every city we visit and the after hours tour has been my favorite thus far! Mike was our guide and he was incredibly knowledgeable and engaging. We learned so much of the history of Seattle, the underground, and had a great time.

Lowest Review

Very good history lesson, but the place should be called “out in the streets” because you are pretty much spending the tour walking outside in the streets. do your own research if you actually want to explore underground. Definitely disappointed with the whole thing.

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