Georgetown Morgue Haunted House


Established in 1928.

Upon delving deeper into the bowels of the Georgetown Morgue earlier this year, We unearthed a terrifying secret buried far beneath the blood splattered floor boards. Come take a tour and see what our Janitor’s Rigger and Mortis have been hiding all these years. Wonder below at your own risk to see if you can escape the body strewn sewers and private janitorial quarters of the Georgetown Morgue. Do you dare to enter Seattle’s premier haunted attraction? The Georgetown Morgue Haunted House and all of its residents are waiting for you…

  • Phone: (206) 762-2067
  • Address: 5000 E Marginal Way S Seattle, WA 98134

Highest Review

This place was next level! We went on Saturday the 30th, and we went a little early – glad we did. The line was long and the guy at the front of the line said there have been as many as 4K people through the gauntlet on a given night. The aesthetics are beyond, and scary with gore. The rooms are each different and have some ducking passages, collapsing bridge vibe, things assaulting your senses – sound, lights, vibrations and the live actors were amazing. The entire adventure was fabulous – recommend highly – and to top it off, the actors and staff are genuinely happy to have your patronage – they thanked us, a nd were polite the whole time. Another plus, the pictures they take are SO reasonable – $10 bucks each (2 for $15) so it is easy to justify the purchase. Great Halloween experience. Don’t miss this one.

Lowest Review

Similar story to many others, the lines are so ridiculous around Halloween that you can literally be in line over 4 hours for a 15 minute attraction. Unless of course you pay extra. Or attend weeks earlier (?). I did get there early when the lines was “only” around the NE corner of the building about 150′ and after 2.5 hours we had to give up so my son could go to work. By that time the line was 3X as long. they do stay open all night if needed so everyone can get through but who wants to subject themselves to that hell? I emailed them and offered to not post negative reviews if they would upgrade my wasted tickets to the “fast pass” version but no response. Never going back. They claim to warn you about long lines online but an actual REALISTIC estimate would be a lot more fair. But at least they got my $, right?

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