Haunted History Ghost Tours of Seattle


Historical Walking Ghost Tours of Seattle. Founded by one of Seattle’s highest rated Paranormal Experts and Tour Guides.


Established in 2016.

Haunted History Ghost Tours of Seattle was founded by one of Seattle’s most knowledgeable Paranormal Investigators with over three decades of experience in Seattle. Tours are scheduled on select nights and begin inside the world famous Smith Tower located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square. Our Pioneer Square Ghost Tours are approximately 90 minutes through the heart of Seattle’s oldest neighborhood. Wear comfortable walking shoes and come outfitted for the weather. This is an outdoor walking tour with a few indoor stops. You’ll learn about the history, the people and the events which shaped the city. You’ll see and hear evidence we’ve gathered from the neighborhood. Evidence has been gathered from residents of the neighborhood, from our investigations and from visitors seeking confirmation of the unexplained mysteries surrounding us.

Highest Review

This tour was a lot of fun. I learned so much about the dark history of Seattle. The tour guide Aden is very knowledgeable and passionate.

There were definitely spooky experiences. Seattle is truly a haunted city. I highly recommend this tour.

Lowest Review

My friends and I were so excited about this tour and we ended up extremely disappointed! The tour guide shares more about his personal life and problems than what he shares about the city ! We left after being there for around 30-40 minutes. We didn’t learn any history during that time, all we got were stories about his childhood, his school credentials and of how “we were standing on top of a dead girl”. Total BS to be honest. No historical information or knowledge of the city was shared, it was all personal accounts of ghost encounters and he kept going off tangent. He was incredibly hard to follow and his jokes were so forced. We felt really bad leaving early but our time was valuable in Seattle and to waste another hour listening to his personal life was not on our to-do list. (One star because yelp made me).

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