The Farmers’ Museum


Established in 1943.

As one of the oldest rural life museums in the country, The Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown, New York, provides visitors with a unique opportunity to experience 19th-century rural and village life firsthand through demonstrations and interpretive exhibits. The museum, founded in 1943, comprises a working farmstead, a recreated historic village, the Empire State Carousel, and a Colonial Revival stone barn listed on the National Register for Historic Places, The museum preserves important examples of upstate New York architecture, early agricultural tools and equipment, and heritage livestock. Its collection of more than 23,000 items encompasses significant historic objects ranging from butter molds to carriages, hand planes to plows. The museum presents a broad range of interactive educational programs for school groups, families, and adults that explore and preserve the rich agricultural history of the region.

Highest Review

I had the BEST Independence Day EVER! Went to the July 4th celebration at the Farmers’ Museum in Cooperstown.
There was a reading of the Declaration of Independence on the village green, complete with 13 lemonade toasts and accompanying “Huzzah!!”s. I learned about broom making, printing, natural remedies and pill making,
among many other things. Just roaming through the historic village and farm was fascinating!! All the animals were so relaxed and super well cared for. The thing that totally blew me away though, was the Empire State Carousel! All the animals on it are hand carved, and are all animals found in NY. The whole thing was simply gorgeous! There was a young woman that went around before the carousel started and told you the name of “your” animal, it’s history and special facts about it. Loved the whole day!! Right after my visit, I bought a membership because I plan on going back often!

Lowest Review

I stayed at Cooperstown for 6 weeks for work 5 years ago, and there wasn’t much to do there, at least for me. The Farmers’ Museum was one of the main attractions besides the baseball hall of fame. So one day I decided to go there for a personal reason, to check off one more thing of my bucket list, to actually milk a cow myself. how cool!!!
My friend and I spent few hours wondering around, talking to the well informed and friendly staff. We thought that the old-time printer store was very impressive. Three Yelps!

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