Spooked In Seattle Ghost Tours


Spooked in Seattle Ghost Tours has been roaming the streets of Seattle since 2004. These tours where developed by a real ghost hunter from AGHOST Investigations. Here you will hear real stories of ghostly encounters told by real ghost hunters. Your tour guides will share evidence collected on their personal paranormal investigations. S.I.S. offers 5 walking tours, 2 bus tours, haunted pub tours and ghost hunts all year round. Please visit spookedinseattle.com for details on all of the tours.


Established in 2004.

After the group AGHOST had been around for 4yrs. It was time to reach out and offer the community more information about ghosts and what ghost hunters really do. So the tours were developed for the Halloween season, but due to popularity. Now the tours are offered year round.

Highest Review

It was my last full day in Seattle and was trying to decide how I’d end my night here. I remembered seeing this ghost tour on tiktok and right away I booked tickets. The tour started much later in the evening so bring a coat!
We got there a little early so we were able to browse the museum, which was fairly tiny but interesting.
Our tour guide was Kim and she was a joy to be around. She really knows how to tell a story and keeps you involved in the tour. (Listening to evps, watching videos, asking questions)
Our tour group was small but it made the whole experience feel much more personal. We walked all around Pioneer Square and visited haunted locations. My favorite stop was at the “Merchant Cafe”. We actually entered and sat in their underground lounge. It was very spooky and took a few pictures to see if I could spot anything.

The whole tour was made even spookier by the actual buildings around us. The mixture of older historical buildings and closed/abandoned buildings. Beware it is rundown and many homeless people but they keep to themselves.

And I also felt something push my back during one of the stops. The guide was telling us about a specific spirit that was known for being “grabby” with women. Haha yikes. 4th ghost tour I’ve been on and excited to do more. Surprisingly I’m still a skeptic!

Lowest Review

Really disappointed. It was overpriced for what it was…a brief walk through of one underground space. The tour guide talked more about her butthole than any haunted stories. The tour started and ended at bars (that were not haunted) even though this was labeled as a “haunted pub tour”. I wasn’t expecting a spooky experience, but at least some interesting Seattle history. Don’t waste your $$$. I had way more fun and learned more at the Seattle underground tour years ago.

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