Roswell Ghost Tour


YEAR-ROUND outdoor, 2 1/2 hour walking ghost tour We are experienced paranormal investigators telling of current paranormal phenomena routinely experienced by Roswell residents, businesses, and our own tour-goers!

Highest Review

This was a great tour! My guide Megan was very knowledgeable with the history of the area. I’m surprised at some of the other negative reviews. This tour provided exactly what it was supposed to – history, stories and visits to haunted locations. We even visited an old cemetery. I wasn’t sure about this at first as I’m “sensitive” and didn’t want to disrespect any spirits so I hung out by the entrance and everything was fine. I was thoroughly impressed by this ghost tour and the town of Roswell overall!

Lowest Review

If bad storytelling frightens you, this is the tour for you! Seriously, I’ve tried hard to find absolutely ANY redemptive qualities about this tour, but I am at a loss. I guess maybe that walking is good for you? Though even that was only 1.41 miles round trip. I firmly believe that any of the accolades achieved by this ghost tour were from the former owner/ operators. There is just absolutely no way this is the best ghost tour in the metro area.

To be fair, it is 100% possible the other guides make this ghost tour worth taking, but I can say with 100% certainty that you should not, under any circumstance, book with Meghan/ Megan.

She openly admitted several times that she was mixing up her stories. The whole tour was an incoherent rambling of third, fourth, and fifth hand accounts of anything loosely resembling a ‘ghost’ story.

What’s a fifth-hand account you might be asking? “A lifelong resident’s sister’s niece told my mother’s friend she saw a curtain move in this house.”

This is not a ghost tour but rather a civil war/ history of Roswell tour. And Meghan’s fondness for the South while recounting these tales borders on the uncomfortable. You’ll hear Meghan tell inside jokes and stories that only long time residents of Roswell will appreciate, and swoon over David, the current owner of the ghost tour.

Please note this is not simply my critical opinion, our group started with exactly 50 people – by the end, about a dozen were left. Comments resembling my thoughts above were heard with increasing frequency throughout the tour, and I was left profusely apologizing for dragging my friends up for this tour as our time would have been better spent watching Halloweentown on the Disney Channel – it definitely would have been scarier.

Murder House

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