The Mystic Museum


Current exhibit is 90s Slashers Immersive Experience. Tickets are $16 and you purchase in store day of visit. Exhibit is on display until approximately until the end of the year. Museum and shop of occult, horror and more! Gothic home decor, apparel , books, tarot decks etc plus Photo op and art gallery . Located next door to our sister store Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities which in which you can find antiques of funerary , medical, plus taxidermy, skulls and bones, insect specimens , vintage halloween, vintage horror posters comics original art and more! Follow us on Instagram for updates @themysticmuseum @beardedladyvintage


Established in 2016

Owners of Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities have expanded to open The Mystic Museum.

Highest Review

If you are a horror fan, oddities lover, or witchy bitch, you will love Mystic Museum! I consider myself all of the above, so it’s one of my favorite places — especially in Burbank.

They have one side of the shop that’s retail with gothy merchandise from KillStar, tarot cards, candles, apparel, etc. And then the other side has more of the medical oddities, taxidermy, witchy supplies, etc. They recently expanded as well and took over another storefront, which has all of the Camp Horror merchandise. There’s so much good stuff here! I often shop for myself and friends here.

I love that they have an old Zoltar machine. They sometimes dress it up in something horror related. They also often have a Tarot reader, which is fun.

As for the museum, it’s more like an experience really. They used to have more of a permanent exhibit of antique occult items like old ouija boards and an exorcism kit. But now they do rotating interactive exhibits. You can tell the whole business really is a labor of love and that the owners truly love horror and the occult because of the amount of thought and detail put into both the store and the museum.

I’ve been to both the Evil Dead and 90s Slasher exhibits and I had so much fun at both. Yes the museum is small (depending on how long you spend taking photos and interacting with the exhibits, it might take you 20 minutes to an hour), but if you love horror movies, it’s a real treat to go through the exhibits.

Everything is super photogenic and Insta-friendly. They have recreations of sets and scenes from films. Actual props in some cases. And the interactive bits are a cool novelty that really adds to the experience. I loved “stabbing” things to see the interactive stuff for 90s slasher.

My only complaint with the interactive stuff is that they don’t always tell you where all the interactive stuff is (which with 90s slasher was for a specific reason if I remember correctly) but if they’re going to charge extra for it, you should really be guaranteed the experience of what you’ve just paid for.

Overall, Mystic Museum is a really unique place that’s a valuable part of the Magnolia Park area and one of the reasons I really love living in Burbank. Let’s keep the small businesses there alive and thriving!

Lowest Review

You have a key with a handle on a hook by a bathroom door, just like every gas station in America has at the register. The “no public restroom” sign is quite typical in American metro areas with big homeless populations, but is often just an indication to buy something first, like the $50 we paid to wander your exhibit for 20 minutes.

With my colon gurgling from my chronic IBS-D, I watched a woman grab the key, open the door, and use the facilities, and then return the key. With reasonable confidence that this was the proper procedure for your store, I did the same, and had a disappointing but thankfully effective wet bowel movement. Then two of your employees accosted me so confrontationally that you scared your customers out of the store. Ironically, my wife is a travel agent writing reviews for cool weird travel stops like yours. Her tampon had failed, hence the flannel tied around her waist, and she would have benefitted from your facilities as well. Instead we went to a different museum with less aggro employees and collected ourselves before our flight home. Thanks for the memorable experience though.

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