Blackout Haunted House

Highest Review

Ok so I was SO excited when I discovered this show and then I started reading yelp reviews and got really discouraged so I went in with the bar set really low and I’ve gotta say: you yelp critics have NO sense of adventure. This house was AWESOME!!! So this is me here to set the record straight in case you’re on the fence about going.

There was an incredible balance of fear, confusion, discomfort, powerlessness and also care, guidance and engagement. Periodically the actors would guide me to stop and breathe. One reminded me to relax when I was close to hyperventilating and calling safety. I wouldn’t have made it through otherwise. Before I went in I was asked about medical conditions and reminded of the safety word. I was hit SUPER LIGHTLY with a flashlight during a scene and after I came out someone from the team came to check on me because they’d been told what happened. The whole thing was very organized. I did not experience the long waits others warned of. I was warmly greeted and there was cool music playing and I probably waited about 2 minutes with baited breath. I guess if you’re looking for the comprehensive plot of immersive theatre or the traditional ghosts and goblins haunted house maybe this isn’t for you. But I found it so challenging and chilling. I left feeling like id accomplished something and faced my fears. I felt like I gained a few nuggets of wisdom about what I’m really afraid of. Such a rush.

This place is really cool, and I’m really sorry to those of you who didn’t have a good time. But I would highly recommend the show if you’re looking for one last thing to add to your Halloween build up.

Lowest Review

They need to seriously rethink the whole approach. It’s hard to believe that blackout is ran by the same people that came out with the amazing serial killers experience. I had high hopes of being scared but I was mostly just freaked out and uncomfortable. I don’t want to spoil it for some with too much detail, but the plastic bag over your entire body was more of a panic moment than anything. I really felt like I couldn’t breathe for a moment, which yes I guess is scary but not in the way that most want to be scared. My boyfriend and I left feeling kinda gross and swindled. It’s so expensive and just for all that, no thanks.

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