Ghost Tours of Strasburg


Concealed in the shadows of history, hiding among folklore and legend, live tales of ghosts and haunted houses. Passed down from generation to generation, whispered so as not to wake the dead, these true ghost stories endure the passage of time, refusing to go quietly into the night.

Venture off the beaten path into a world of hidden pasts and dark secrets, restless spirits and eerie sightings.

Highest Review

I checked out the Hollywood Ghost Walk tour thanks to a groupon deal. I went tonight with my husband and best friend and the 3 of us loved it. The tour guide, Josh, is super nice and knowledgeable, and it was clear he made much effort to study up on the history and ghost stories of the various places he showed us. At each stop, he had multiple stories to share, making sure to provide specific dates and names. We had around 15 people in the group and he always looked around to keep us all accounted for (Hollywood Blvd is a VERY crowded street!). He also spoke loudly and clearly so we could all hear (poor guy was losing his voice). The vibe was laid-back and we were able to chat with him and ask questions and make jokes. The highlight of our tour happened at the Knickerbocker Hotel where we met a man who lived in the building. He gave us a first-hand account of paranormal activity that happened right in his room! (I really wanted to ask him to show us his place but I doubt he would’ve been okay with a bunch of strangers seeing his home.) We were, however, able to go into the lobby and check out this $120K chandelier. The lobby was also the area where I Love Lucy’s Fred Mertz died.

Lowest Review

I received a Groupon for the Hollywood Ghost Walk from as a gift. I was really excited to go . . . until the tour got cancelled on me. Twice. (which appears to also go by the business name “Celebrity Planet,” and to be primarily based in the UK) offers several walking tours in the LA area, including a Saturday evening ghost tour, priced at $35/person for a 2-hour tour for the full price, non-Groupon rate. Or rather, I should say that they claim to offer a Saturday evening ghost tour. I first signed up for a tour online for a date in mid-April. You have to pay when you sign up; I was able to pay by entering my Groupon voucher number. I received an email confirmation — and then one day before the tour was scheduled, received an email notice that it had been cancelled, due to lack of participants. There was a link for rescheduling; the link didn’t work. I contacted customer service, and they were able to reschedule me. I booked a tour for the evening of Saturday, May 2. Today – Thursday April 30 – I again received an email that the tour had been cancelled, due to lack of participants. Each of these emails claims that “90% of our tours run on time.” This is obviously a lie — granted, I had a limited sample size, but 0/2 is a pretty bad record. I suspect that they have very few people participating, and cancel tours very regularly. Mind you, they cancelled a tour that had ALREADY BEEN PAID FOR. A tour of the sort that out of towners — who are unlikely to be able to reschedule at the last minute — are likely to sign up for. There was a link to rescheduling, but no link to a place to ask for a refund. Talk about shady business practices… Groupon is still offering discount vouchers for this company — don’t fall for it!

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