Merchant’s House Museum


Discover what life was really like in mid-19th century New York City. The Merchant’s House is the City’s only family home preserved intact — inside and out — from the 19th century. Built in 1832 just steps from Washington Square, this elegant red-brick and white-marble row house on East Fourth Street was home to a prosperous merchant family and their Irish servants for almost 100 years. Complete with the family’s original furnishings and personal possessions, the house offers a rare and intimate glimpse of domestic life in New York City from 1835-1865. Visit for more information on the history of the house and Museum tours and programs. Oh, and some say we have ghosts. “Manhattan’s most haunted house,” according to The New York Times.


Established in 1936

Built in 1832, the Merchant’s House was home to wealthy merchant Seabury Tredwell and his family for 98 years, from 1835 to 1933 when the last daughter, Gertrude, died at the age of 93. The House, complete with original furnishings, decorative arts, and other family belongings, was opened to the public as a museum in 1936.

Highest Review

So we stumbled upon this place completely by accident, just checking around the area on Google maps. Seeing “museum” always piques my interest and I’m so glad we decided to stop in. This is the only 19th century NYC house preserved as it was when it was still occupied. HOW COOL IS THAT?! We were told that about 90% of the furnishings belonged to the original family. The house is still in incredible condition and it truly is like walking through a time portal. We heard that since it’s supposedly haunted, there are special tours in October…if we ever find ourselves back in October I think we’ll need to make a trip back. Absolutely worth the time to visit.

Lowest Review

We are so lucky to be able to witness first hand how a wealthy family lived in 19th century NYC!
HOWEVER, a few details surely took much away from the fun…BRING CASH…yes the website says credit cards accepted but yesterday the museum director FORGOT the credit card machine so I had to go out to find an ATM!

I wanted the self guided tour because I did not want to wait 2 hours for the tour w/tour guide. I was given a 3 ring binder to read in a dark house – THEY DO NOT have taped self guided tours!
The tour guide had no additional knowledge than what was in the 3 ring binder! She was nice but lacked depth. off knowledge. There is no museum shop.

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