Grave Line Tours


We are not your everyday sightseeing tour. Los Angeles is a magical city, with world class sites and attractions. But with great achievements come great demises. Indeed, L.A.’s sinister side contributes to the city’s unique allure and shapes its essence. Grave Line Tours serves to present to you this other side of L.A., one no less real than the aspects the world has already come to know and love.

Highest Review

This tour transported me back in time to some of the most memorable deaths in LA history! The pacing, the level of detail, and information about these cases that I never knew, made it tons of ghoulish fun, all while getting to ride in some very cool and comfortable vintage Cadillac limos. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone who enjoys history, horror, and knowing a little more about the dark underbelly of the city many of us call home.

Lowest Review

I went on a really fun tour with some friends with our tour guide, Blaze. She was so fun. That fact that she is British adds even more glamour to this historical tour. We got to ride in a vintage Cadillac limo. It was grabbing lots of attention. We got to see a lot of sights: The Black Dalhia apartment window, the Menedez Brothers murder house, Marilyn Monroe’s suite at Roosevelt hotel and Natalie Wood’s old house. There is an app that you can follow along with as your tour guide gives you the legendary stories.

The tour takes about 2 hours and is well worth it.

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