San Gabriel Ghost Seeker


Ghost Tour Dates: Sept 28, October 5, October 12, October 19, and October 26. This tour is centered around the Historic Mission San Gabriel Ditrict. This is a two hour tour that is designed to amaze you. Fisrt, you will see actual photos of ghosts on a big screen. This presentation takes place in one of the historic buildings that is actually haunted. After this you will walk through the Historic Ditrict to the most haunted buildings where some of the ghosts still reside. Most guests capture orbs, mists and other unexplained phenomena! Keep that camera handy! Book early. We only take about 20 guests at a time. San Gabriel Ghost Seekers Private tours upon request.


Established in 2014

Come join us under a star filled night and learn interesting facts about San Gabriel’s colorful past. Our guided tours take you through the Historic San Gabriel Mission District. Our night includes a presentation packed with personal ghostly photos and tales from beyond. This will be a walk to remember. San gabriel ghost seekers are more than just a group of friends who share a common love for local history & haunts. We are also deeply rooted in our community as far as family, work and volunteering is concerned. We do our best to support our local businesses, partake in local events and give back to our community. This is why you should choose us for your next experience. Ask about private parties and tours. Please see current flyer for date, times and special events. All events produced by A Mourning Dove Production Like our page on FB

  • Phone: (626) 627-1057
  • Address: 250 S Mission Dr San Gabriel, CA 91776


I’m totally into anything paranormal. Ghost, aliens, Bigfoot, La Llorona…..I like! Don’t get me wrong I will sleep with my night light on. After watching stuff on TV I decided to Google, not expecting to find a group in my backyard! (practically) So I jumped at the chance to go on a local History & Haunt Tour with them. We walked around the Mission museum (behind the Playhouse), HS, church, cemetery and ending at the doors of the Playhouse. As we were walking up to the doors of the Playhouse their was a strong floral scent. As the organizers thanked everyone for attending they walked towards the sidewalk. My daughter, Michelle (organizer), and myself stayed behind. I love old buildings so I asked my daughter to take a few pictures. As we walked away we heard the Playhouse doors open and slam shut!! Now these doors are huge. So you can imagine how loud that was. Before the tour ended Michelle had pulled on the doors and they were locked. We stood still for a second, turned around expecting/wishing someone to be standing there. The 3 of us ran up to the doors, we tried pulling on the doors again and they were locked and now the inside lights were on. My daughter and I stared at each other and then at Michelle. It was the weirdest feeling. We eventually caught up with everyone else and told them what they missed. We’ve also attended their Scary Movie Night at Savannah Cemetery. That was cool. We also made it to Paranormal Night II which I convinced my husband to attend. We’re planning on going to the meet-up at Devils Gate Dam. I listened to Michelle’s GB session on Facebook, can’t wait! On the car ride home from their events I always tell my daughter….”we found our people”! So believers and non-believers attend one of their local events. You may never know what you’ll see/hear/experience.

Haunt Museum

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