Haunt Museum


Current exhibit is 90s Slashers Immersive Experience. Tickets are $16 and you purchase in store day of visit. Exhibit is on display until approximately until the end of the year. Museum and shop of occult, horror and more! Gothic home decor, apparel , books, tarot decks etc plus Photo op and art gallery . Located next door to our sister store Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities which in which you can find antiques of funerary , medical, plus taxidermy, skulls and bones, insect specimens , vintage halloween, vintage horror posters comics original art and more! Follow us on Instagram for updates @themysticmuseum @beardedladyvintage


Established in 2016

Owners of Bearded Lady Vintage & Oddities have expanded to open The Mystic Museum.


Haunt Museum is located inside of Ghost Town next to the School House at Knotts!

Haunt Museum is where you can relive some of those horrifically awesome Halloween Haunt memories from previous seasons!

Inside they have a variety of artifacts that span the many years of Knotts Scary Farm existence. The items range from some of the very first tickets to sculptures of some of the evil monsters you would encounter inside of their dark and dreary haunted mazes.

One of my favorite items inside here have to be the Crypt Keepers mask that was an awesome maze that they had a good number of years back!

Everyone’s favorite Elvira has also left her mark on the museum and Halloween Haunt you will find a statue of her as well as some of her personal belongings that were used as props when she would do her shows for Haunt goers.

Lately it’s seemed like they haven’t been opening the museum as much but I’m guessing that’s because I’ve only really been going on days where it’s not super packed!

Overall The Haunt Museum is a great part of Knott’s history and always worth a stroll through for those who love Halloween as much as I do!

Happy Halloween and ill see you in the fog come October!

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