Haunted Haight Walking Tour


The Haunted Haight Walking Tour is the only Haunted San Francisco Ghost Hunting Excursion Tour that is owned and operated by a real paranormal investigator. We have the credentials to back up our claim too. We have all the REAL equipment that you see on the TV. Mind blowing high tech customized ghost gear. We taught the other tours how to ghost hunt! Our ghost gear is much more high tech and advanced then any of the other tours. We are truly experts in the paranormal. We have consulted and appeared on TOP TV Shows on the History Channel, Travel Channel, ABC NEWS and more! No other tour has these devices built by ghost hunters for ghost hunters. We taught other more expensive tours how to ghost hunt with basic gear. We do not use basic gear however. No unscientific silly dowsing rods and “false positive” handheld cheap EMF readers. These are tools that are used by real paranormal investigators. No other tour lets you feel like you are on the TV shows like our tour. We are a better value and NO HYPE or false statements. Come experience the haunt of a lifetime on your next San Francisco Ghost Hunting Excursion tour.


Established in 2004.

Your tour guide is the Founder and President of the San Francisco Ghost Society, a paranormal organization here in San Francisco. He and his team have investigated hundreds of cases in the paranormal. The tour was created to explore the hauntings and strange history of the Haight Ashbury and San Francisco. This is truly a passion and over the years we have enjoyed entertaining and educating over 15,000+ tour goers. We taught those more expensive ghost tours how to ghost hunt using real tools. The other guys learned from us!

Highest Review

Whether you’re trying to get your ‘ghost hunter’ on, or just looking for something fun and interesting to do, the Haunted Haights Walking Tour is totally worth it. Tommy, the creator of the tour, is friendly and knowledgeable; the time and effort he’s put into developing the information he shares on the tour is evident. Lots of interesting stories and facts about SF ghost history will wet any ghost hunter’s whistle, or even give a ‘regular person’ cool conversation topics to impress friends. We won’t give any spoilers, but the tour consists of some pretty cool, ghostly landmarks. Tommy brings along a few ghost hunting tools that he actually lets the group use to try to contact ‘the other side’. No matter the occasion: date night, family outing, birthday party, or just something totally random, the tour is a memorable option. We would rate the tour PG 13; the tour isn’t too gory and shouldn’t give anyone nightmares, but Tommy does discuss real life occurrences (murders, hauntings, etc.) that could scare younger kids, so use discretion when bringing the kiddos. The tour lasts about 2 hours, and Tommy has thought of everything. He has a bathroom stop along the route and he has even taken the effort to ensure the tour has virtually no hills! (Still, the tour may be a lot of walking for small children or for those with certain physical challenges). A great way to spend an evening in SF, we’re glad we went! Great job, Tommy!

Lowest Review

Paid for tickets for a tour on July 25, got a call telling me the tour is canceled, kinda lame, but the real issue is I still haven’t received a refund for the two tickets i purchased. I called the brown bag ticket agency and they said they can not give me a refund until the owner of the tour informs them it was canceled.

Lastly, I am generally a skeptic when it comes to anything paranormal, but try to keep an open mind. Over the course of the night, my wife and I encountered several odd little incidents that led me to believe that the place may very well be haunted. My wife heard children playing at 3 am, saw an orbish shadow drift across the bedroom transom, and heard a grocery bag rustle loudly during the night. I saw shadowy movements at the edges of my eyesight several times, and heard some weird, unidentifiable noises. Never felt anything negative, though, so these must be some of the nice entities that are said to dwell with the hotel.

If you love a little spooky, a whole lot of history, and a pleasant and comfortable stay, the Magnolia Hotel is for you.

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