Ghosts of New York

Highest Review

Joel was an AMAZING tour guide. My roommates and I had the best time learning about the ghosts of the upper west side. Joel was so knowledgeable and shared so many interesting stories. We loved his enthusiasm and the theatrical elements the tour were so much fun. We will definitely be back next Halloween. Anyone who has Joel ad their tour guide is in for such a treat!

Lowest Review

This experience was a disappointment. I did the Haunted Pub Crawl in the East Village with 8 friends and our tour guide was Gordon. We paid $240.83 for this tour and it was a total rip off. First of all, the website where we bought our tickets promised us that “the first drink is on us” (meaning the company). However, when we arrived at the first stop and I brought this up to Gordon and showed him the site, he said that the website needed to be updated but that this was not the case (???) but that he would “try to honor it.” He pulled out his wallet and said he didn’t know if he had enough money. I said we could maybe all try to pitch in a couple bucks but that we were expecting to get the first drink free. When the time came to pay, we all paid for the drinks (INCLUDING GORDON’S) and Gordon did not make a single move for his wallet. We went to two more pubs and Gordon told us maybe 5 facts total. Otherwise he just sat there as people paid for his drinks. He also had a disheveled/unkempt appearance that was off putting. We were expecting to learn a lot about each pub/the East Village as we walked through it, but we barely learned anything. The only redeeming part of the whole thing was that the last pub we went to was cool. Bottom line: NOT WORTH $240 for a group of 10. Save your money and get a free audio walking tour or something.

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